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Tattoo removal

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Laser Q-SWITCH Nd:Yag uses monochromatic, long pulsed laser light having a wavelength of 1064 nm. A wave of 1064 nm eliminates the deeper impregnation, and a wave 532 nm shallower, only the Q-switched laser (featuring two ranges) can be properly effective. Allows the execution of tattoo removal treatments, discoloration and closing blood vessels.

The surface of the skin is "transparent" for the light emitted by the laser, and all the energy is absorbing by the dye. Pigments are broken into fine particles, which are then absorbed by the cells of the body - macrophages. During the subsequent treatment process is repeated until the desired effects.

After surgery, you may notice redness, itching, and sometimes scabs. This is normal during the healing process. If you have scabs, directly after their descent can be seen pinking of the skin over a period of about 2 weeks. Another treatment can be done no sooner than after approx. 3-4 weeks.
After removing the tattoo area should be protected from the sun for 6 months in order to avoid discoloration. During this period, do not use the tanning or use a solarium. In order to increase patient comfort tattoo removal procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In the case of tattoos very large volume treatment can be carried out in several stages, each in a different part of the tattoo.

Laser removal is very effective for most types of tattoo. It is safer and more effective than traditional methods. The laser eliminates the risk of infection and which is extremely important, minimizes the possibility of scarring compared to traditional methods.

tattoo removal

The number of treatments depends on:

  • discoloration/tattoo colour,
  • size/density of dye contained in the skin cells,
  • type of discoloration/dye,
  • density pigment deposition,
  • skin color (the less tanned skin the safer and more effective treatment),
  • the individual response of the immune system on the laser.

  • tattoo removal

    Carbon laser peeling

    Carbon peeling, otherwise known as "Black Doll" is executed using Nd: YAG Q-Switch laser. This new revolutionary method is painless, and its effects can be seen after the first treatment. The skin becomes unified, improves its color, and problems of acne and enlarged pores are reduced.

    The course of treatment

    After cleaning and removing the skin of the face or neck is subject to a special colloidal suspension of carbon. This mask remains for 10-15 minutes to coal could penetrate deep into the skin. Then it is irradiated with a laser beam. During the treatment the carbon particles penetrate into the pores and cavities and the energy of the laser light. This increases the efficiency of penetration into the pores fotoabsorbera and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. This is followed by the relevant pulse irradiation with high energy, which causes a micro explosion of coal slurry particles on the skin surface and produces a photomechanical peeling effect. The last step is the cooling of the skin, improves its autogenous ability to maintain adequate hydration status.
    In order to achieve optimum results we recommend the 3-5 treatments at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

    carbon peeling

    By combining the two methods, ie, photoablation the outer layer of the epidermis and thermal decomposition , we can get excellent cleaning and narrowing of skin pores, reducing the potential inflammation, stimulating the reconstruction of the skin and collagen production.
    Duration is 30-40 minutes, and the proposed program the treatments 3-4 treatments at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

  • acne treatment,
  • reduction of redness with inflammatory acne,
  • removal of open and closed comedones, pimples, pustules and papules,
  • narrowing the pores,
  • skin cleansing,
  • elimination of discoloration,
  • stimulation of collagen production,
  • fight the signs of aging,
  • improvement in skin elasticity,
  • shortness of superficial wrinkles.

  • Contraindications:
  • fresh tan,
  • antibiotic therapy,
  • acceptance of dietary supplements that may contain ingredients photosensitivity, for example: horsetail, nettle, St. John's wort, large quantities of marigold, chamomile.

  • carbon peeling


    The price depends on:
  • surface of the tattoo,
  • its depth,
  • saturation intensity of the pigment.

  • It is determined on the preoperative consultation.


  • tattoo removal(dark i colorful),
  • removal of permanent makeup,
  • removing freckles and discolorations, birthmarks,
  • reduction of scars.